Post Audio

Los Angeles based Post Audio Services

Dialog/Sound FX/Music Editing, Foley, Re-Record Mixing(up to 5.1)

H.R.I.F.F. 2018 Best Thriller - Sound Design - "Ambulance"

A.O.F.F. 2015 Best Short Sound Design - "Prisoner"

Featured Projects:

Featured Videos:

Crypt TV, “The Door In The Woods”

Genre – Horror / Short

Sound Editor / Re-Recording Mixer

Sabas, “Get your glove on”

Genre – Action / Commercial

Music Composer / Sound Design / Rerecording Mixer

Star Wars “Destroyer” – Fan Film

Genre – Sci-fi / Space Fight

Sound Editor / Rerecording Mixer


Genre – Action / Drama

Rerecording Mixer, Sound/Dialog Editor, ADR Recordist, Foley Artist

Zero Water – “Whiteboard Commercial”

Genre – Artsy / Commercial

Composer, Foley, Sound Editor, ReRecording Mixer


Genre – Drama / Comedy

Location Sound, Sound Editor, Rerecording Mixer

“Haunted House”

Genre – Comedy / Suspense

Sound Editor / Rerecording Mixer / Score / Location Sound

Rockabilly Zombie Weekend

Genre – Horror / Action

Supervising Sound Editor, Rerecording Mixer


Genre – Drama / Comedy

Sound Editor, Rerecording Mixer

“The Whisper Home”

Genre – Drama / Christian

Sound Editor, Rerecording Mixer


Genre – Horror

Music Composer, Sound Edit, Rerecording Mixer, Boom Operator

“Bruno and Earlene Go To Vegas”

Genre – Adventure / Buddies On The Road Movie 

Location Sound, Sound Edit, Rerecord Mix

Horror Haiku – “Kuchisake-onna”

Genre – Horror

Rerecording Mixer, Dialog Editor, Sound Design, Production Audio, Music Composer, Co-writer

Bad Blood Parodia – Don Cheto & Luis Coronel

Genre – Action / Music Video

Composer additional music, Sound Editor, ReRecording Mixer

Tenacious D – “To Be The Best”

Genre – Comedy / Music Video

Rerecording Mixer, Dialog/Sound Editor